Walker and Company’s new hair care line allows women of color to find the right products with a custom quiz

More and more women are embracing their natural hair texture — and that’s a good thing. Consequently, more brands (some of who have never catered to anything but straight hair) have cashed in on the natural/curly hair movement — and that’s where things get sketchy.

While some curl-friendly brands have only the best intentions, others have totally complicated hair care in an attempt to make a fast buck. Newbie naturals can easily be convinced that they need every butter, pudding, and gelée under the sun. (Take it from someone whose hair care collection has overflowed into the kitchen cabinets, it’s easy to go wild in the hair care aisle.)


Finally, a brand is taking the direct approach. Meet FORM, an inclusive brand by Walker & Company, the same geniuses behind the Bevel shave system.


To get started, you can visit FormBeauty.com. Scrolling through the homepage, you’ll find a consultation section where it personalizes a hair care regimen for you based on your current routine and it breaks down any issues you’re dealing with.

It’s a pretty short quiz and is pretty worth it to see a series literally MADE FOR YOU. I went ahead and took it!


The step is FORM’s breakdown of products for you.

Since I wash my hair once a week, FORM suggested a clarifying shampoo to get rid of a week’s worth of gunk. The FORM Beauty Detoxing Shampoo ($22) comes with a handy applicator, making it easier to get the product to your scalp, a not so easy task if you have a huge ‘fro.


FORM suggested I follow that up with their gentle shampoo ($22), then to hydrate my hair with their Moisturizing Conditioner ($26), a silicone-free conditioner designed to deeply hydrate and help my coarse, dry hair that has a tendency to single strand knot.


The most exciting part of FORM’s lineup are the stylers. Aside from their daily leave-in, a 3-in-1 Moisturizing Lotion ($32), FORM has a styler designed for twist-outs ($29), a heat protecting serum ($29), a defining gel ($29), and an elongating curl creme ($29) — the option best suited for my type 4 hair.


Including a moisture-sealing pomade ($26) my entire bundle would be $129, discounted from $157. A small price to pay to get a tailor-made curl regimen — and my kitchen cabinets back.

Check out Form, here, and take the consultation for yourself.

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