Just a few things making our heart sing on #WalkToSchoolDay

It began in 1997, but almost 20 years later, International Walk To School Day has grown into a global event that involves communities all over the world walking and biking to school. And today, October 7th, is the day when thousands of kids and parents participate.

But wait — why walk? As the Walk Bike To School website explains, there are numerous benefits to kids traveling to school sans school bus or car. First of all, it promotes physical activity and helps keep kids moving. It also reduces emissions and is cleaner for the environment (think of how much nasty stuff is being put in the air by all those school buses every single day!). Walk To School Day also promotes safety and increases the necessity for there to be safe, convenient ways for kids to walk to school autonomously and get an education.

“In the United States, 44 children are hit by a car while walking every day,” Kate Carr, President and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide, said in a statement. “By walking together with students on International Walk to School Day, we can show our children how to be smart walkers so they will be safe on the roads.”

Plus, it’s fun, as you can see by taking a peek at the Twitter hashtag #WalkToSchoolDay. Parents, educators, and organizations have been taking to Twitter to post pics of kids walking to school that are SUPER adorbs.

Some students made their journey *~*musical*~*:

And others just made it a full-blown party!

Others knew the day was a perfect photo op with their bestie:

It may have rained in some areas, but there was no raining on this parade:

Some kids have made some startling realizations on their walk to school. . .

And others got to enjoy some startlingly beautiful views.

Some kids even had their very own mascot cheering them on! 

For more information on Walk To School Day, check out the official website for the event here. There are a ton of super rad benefits of walking to school, but one is very, very clear: ADORABLENESS FOR YOUR EYEBALLS.

(Images via Instagram, Twitter.)

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