Couples’ ‘Walk the Moon’ pregnancy announcement might be the coolest

When it comes to pregnancy announcements, sometimes going the humor route is the best way to break the exciting news. And for Jon and Danielle Murray, when the opportunity to do a co-announcement with Jon’s brother Aaron and Aaron’s wife Liz came around, they decided to do something really awesome. Here’s the thing: Both couples are expecting—The Murrays will have their fourth child, while Aaron and Liz’s second child is on the way—and their due dates are only a few weeks apart. So they decided to get really creative to break the news to friends, family and the Internet.

The couples teamed up to sing a parody of Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance,” and it’s a viral video masterpiece. Their new version—with lyrics like, “We know your thoughts/Yes, we know how it happens/We just like having kids”—is hilarious. They even get their kids in on the action.

The Murrays have a widely-watched YouTube channel where they vlog about life with their three kids, so they were already poised for viral video fame. And now they’ve got it. This video has already been viewed almost 300,000 times since it was posted last Saturday. Watch it and you’ll understand why.

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