Walgreens is going to start carrying NYX, so prepare for those Beauty Enthusiast points to start racking up

With improvements constantly being made in the field of makeup and beauty, it’s no longer rare to see high-quality products available at low price-points and in local drugstores. Case in point: Walgreens is going to start carrying NYX Professional makeup. We all benefit from having these gorgeous products at our fingertips, and this news has our hearts beating like a drum!

NYX has truly perfected the art of creating makeup that really looks and feels quite expensive while actually keeping it affordable, and the fact that we’ll be able to use Beauty Enthusiast points at Walgreens on it is really exciting news! It’s going to be nearly impossible to keep ourselves from stocking up every time we head to the store.

This is a win-win for both NYX and Walgreens. NYX expands their market and is able to reach out to a wider audience, and Walgreens benefits from having such a well-known and beloved upscale brand in their stores.

Lauren Brindley, group VP and general merchandise manager of Walgreens told WWD,

"We're starting to add testers for select products — NYX included — and revamping cosmetics fixtures to better accommodate the needs of our customers, which is all part of our journey to become America's most loved beauty destination."

The NYX addition should be completely rolled out in Walgreens across the US and Puerto Rico by this fall, and will also be available online.

We love that so many retailers are expanding their personal care selections; it goes to show how important it is to consumers and that stores are listening to what we want! Affordability and high-quality products CAN go hand-in-hand, and the sooner everyone gets on board, the better off we’ll all be.

We’ll be sure to pop by our friendly neighborhood Walgreens next time we run out of our holy-grail NYX Total Control Foundation drops!

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