A group of awesome humans left this waitress a $3,000 tip

A small act of kindness can change someone’s day, but a big act of kindness changes their life. That’s what happened to Salt Lake City waitress Bre Snow when a group of customers decided to leave her a $3,000 tip at the end of her shift.

“It was more than a pick me up,” Snow explained. “They’re like, ‘We want to give this to you. We want to make your day’ and it did, and I started tearing up.”

The customers who gave Snow such an amazing gift were participating in a movement called Tips for Jesus, in which customers all over the country have been leaving gigantic tips in order to make their servers’ days. They’ve been documenting it all over on Instagram. Here are a few gems:

While all those on the receiving end of this movement are hardworking and deserving people, Snow definitely needed the extra money. She and her boyfriend have both been working two jobs in order to stay afloat. Now, there’s a little less stress.

Snow says this gives her faith in the kindness of other people. “To so generously see that from someone else, a random act of kindness, there’s nothing that hits more home,” she said. “There’s not a word for it. A ‘Thank you’ is not enough.”

(Image via Shutterstock and Instagram)

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