Soon you might have to tip a waiter at McDonald’s

With billions and billions of people served, McDonald’s is basically the emperor of the fast food world. And sometimes even an emperor wants to try something new.


And much like Emperor Kuzco, McDonald’s may be finding a “new groove.” Beginning in February at over 400 revamped restaurants in the UK, McDonald’s customers will no longer have to wait in line for their food. They’ll sit comfortably after placing their order and await their McWaiter, who will bring them their meal on a wooden tray.


Shocking, I know.

But that’s not all! They’ll also be unveiling a “signature collection” of fancier gourmet-style burgers that have all been approved by Michelin-starred chefs. They’ll have thicker patties, brioche buns and, from the sounds of it, bring McDonal’s new levels of delicious.


McDonald’s already had a successful trial period of these more upscale restaurants earlier this year. And thanks to that success, they’re ready to take this new model to the next level.

So get your lavish outfits ready because McDonald’s is about to get a little more elegant.


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