Wait, Walter White (aka, Bryan Cranston) is going to be in the new “Power Rangers”?


Bryan Cranston can do almost anything — way back in the day, when we heard he was cast as Walter White in Breaking Bad, we found it hard to believe that the goofy, Malcolm In The Middle dad could handle such a role. Not only did he handle it, he dominated it. These days, Cranston is getting ready to take on another exciting opportunity — On June 21st, he announced on Twitter that he’ll be playing Zordon in the brand new Power Rangers movie. false

If you’re a bit rusty on your Power Rangers knowledge, Zordon was the almighty (floating) head that served as somewhat of a mentor to our Rangers. He’s also the one who found the Rangers, and gave them special powers to fight enemies like Rita Repulsa.

Surprisingly, Cranston has quite a history with the Power Rangers franchise. Very early in his career, he voiced a few of the bad guys, including Twinman, a reflective monster, and Snizard, a monster that resembles both a snake and a lizard. Here’s a video, if you want to feel a little nostalgic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

The movie is set to be released on March 24, 2017, and with updated Ranger costumes, and an incredible cast (Elizabeth Banks is starring as Rita!) we seriously can’t wait to see a brand new spin on such a classic show.

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