Wait, is Beyonce performing at the Grammys or not? She’s being very mysterious about it

Will Bey or won’t Bey? It’s the question on everyone’s mind leading up to Sunday night’s Grammy awards, followed closely by how many awards will Bey win tonight? and What will Bey wear? Yes, Beyoncé’s on everyone’s minds. Especially since there are conflicting reports about whether Beyoncé is actually performing at the Grammys. CBS Los Angeles reported that Queen Bey will not perform, while Entertainment Tonight is speculating about what her indubitable performance will entail. She’s noticeably absent from the official Grammys performers list but, then again, Bey is notorious for surprising us. Billboard has even discussed whether or not Beyoncé should perform given that she will be about 5 months pregnant with twins, to which we say: Psh, Beyonce can do anything!

We are majorly confused, and while we definitely DO NOT want to get our hopes up about a Bey-formance only to be disappointed (nothing hurts harder than the tarnishing of one’s hope for a Beyoncé show, see: Super Bowl), it’s also been reported that Bey’s been spotted rehearsing for the show in Los Angeles.

Could we bey in for round two of a life changing pregnant-Beyoncé performance?

We definitely hope so (does that even need to be said?) and ET has the most epic-sounding prediction about what the show might entail. The entertainment site reports:

 The theme might be the diva's journey and evolution from child performer to superstar with actresses playing her at different stages of her life.

If this is true, it would be absolutely *perfect* given that much of Lemonade, Bey’s album that’s up for tons of Grammy awards tonight, chronicles hercoming-of-age from daddy’s girl to fiercely empowering feminist who celebrates the power of women who join together. We’re not sure if it’s true, but if Bey were to represent her life’s journey onstage (while wearing gold, no less) it would be the ultimate-perfect performance. I mean, who doesn’t want to revisit “Freakum Dress” Beyoncé?

When you think about it, Beyoncé’s career is extraordinarily prolific, and the superstar has been through so many phases of her life —Destiny’s Child to soon-to-be mother of three children—and we’ve watched her through it all with bated breath and dropped jaws. Tonight’s award show is especially exciting for Bey as she might break the record for the “most awarded female artist.” She’s most certainly deserving of that title, and even if she doesn’t win she is probably the most loved female artist. Bey-hive members are buzzing all over Twitter about their Beyonce-Grammys hopes and dreams.


Yes, Bey sure is loved and she really does deserve it on this exciting day in music. We’re rooting for you, Beyoncé, and we hope to see you perform!

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