Wait, does Kylie Jenner have a secret song out?

We like surprises and new songs and everything, but this overload of emotions is just too much.

According to Cosmo, there’s an investigation into Kylie Jenner’s alleged secret music career!

It would make sense that she’s trying something new, because she’s already the Queen of lip kits (remember the last one that fulfilled all our gothic needs and the one that donated all proceeds to Smile Train?). So what’s the dealio with her music?

Well, if you remember back in April, Jenner Tweeted a cryptic photo of herself that looked suspiciously like cover artwork for an album titled “KNGKYLIE.” People were confused as to whether it was about a new lip gloss, or a sudden pop career.

And then a song called “3 Strikes” by a mysterious band called Terror Jr surfaced, with their track accompanying Jenner’s promo video.


Is Jenner the lead singer of this band? Well, apparently she’s the singer of that specific track.


And people are voicing their enthusiasm!

Granted, Terror Jr is a weird name for a band fronted by Kylie Jenner, but stranger things have probably happened (maybe?). The band has their own Insta account, so can we confirm her flourishing pop career already?!

Not just yet. Fans have noticed that this promo resembles Jenner’s lip kit branding, so there’s still ambiguity that’s hard to overlook.


And then there’s the fact that she’s only credited on that one song. In fact, the final word is that Terror Jr are a real band and their album Bop City came out in October, but Jenner doesn’t seem to be a member. Not a permanent one, at least.

She’s toying with our emotions! Which were already all over the place because of election day!


Don’t lose hope though. We’re sure that Kylie has more surprises up her sleeve.

H/T: Digital Spy

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