Wait, you can tint your eyebrows with…coffee and chocolate?

Coffee and chocolate can help you wake up and put you in a good mood. Both of those things can put a beautiful smile on your face. But you may not realize that the two common items can be used as beauty hacks as well.

According to beauty blogger Jennifer Chiu, coffee grounds can actually be used to get those perfect eyebrows you’ve been dreaming of.


By mixing coffee grounds, cocoa powder, coconut oil, and honey, you can make a safe and natural (not to mention super effective) eyebrow tint to fill in any light or patchy brows. Chiu points out that this is especially helpful if you’ve had issues with the chemicals in other eyebrow dyes in the past.

This natural brow alternative can be not only good for your skin, but can also help you save money.

The directions are straightforward and easy to follow and make you feel totally ready to start our day (likely thanks to the coffee, of course).

Basically, you mix up coffee grounds and cocoa powder (varying the amounts based on how dark or light you want the end result to be). Next, add in the stickier ingredients (coconut oil and honey) to get the mixture to stay on your face. You then carefully apply it to your brows (making sure to color within the lines so you don’t get stains in places you don’t want them) and wait.

After about twenty minutes, you’ll remove the stain from your face and revel in your newly tinted and totally beautiful eyebrows.

For more specifics and tips, check out the super helpful tutorial yourself.


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