This Waffle House waitress received a massive, 2500% tip

Is it just us or are there two types of restaurant stories these days? There’s the ones where someone refuses to tip a waiter or waitress for some stupid, arbitrary reason, and then there’s the stories where someone receives a ridiculously gigantic tip.

The story of Lauren Ball, a waitress and single mother, falls into that second, totally heartwarming category. According to People, the waitress and mother was serving at a Waffle House in Tennessee when a customer came in near the end of her shift.

As often happens in Waffle Houses (as a Georgia native, I know this to be true), Ball started chatting with the customer and mentioned that she was planning a trip to the beach with her son Colton and was a bit worried about being able to afford the trip.

“I was ready to go home, I didn’t even want to wait on him, but I was the only waitress working,” Ball told her local ABC station.

After he’d finished his meal, the customer paid his bill for $24.29 and made his way out. It was only after he’d left that Ball realized that he’d left a $600 tip (roughly 2500% of the bill). The on-duty cook followed the man outside to make sure a mistake hadn’t been made only to be told, “I just like to do things for nice people.”

“I couldn’t believe it, I kind of wanted to give it back to him because it was such a large amount,” said Ball.

We say just pay it forward, and keep this chain of goodwill going!

(Image via Twitter.)