VP Joe Biden made President Obama friendship bracelets and it melted our hearts

Today is President Barack Obama’s 55th birthday, and lots of people have sent him birthday messages. Michelle sent him a lovely tribute on Instagram. There’s even a card the American people can sign to wish him well. But the most adorable and probably fitting tribute came from Vice President Joe Biden, who got a little crafty wishing his BFF President Obama a Happy B-day!

Joe tweeted out these friendship bracelets that he got for the President.


He could not pick a more adorable way to declare he and Barack BFFs for life! Props for the adorable smiley face and pizza charms! We’re not really surprised that our favorite Obama gift came from Joe Biden, because we’ve been following their blossoming friendship for eight years.

Biden took his first selfie with Obama.

The notoriously jovial and playful veep is always doing silly things that make us love him. Here, he literally launched his Instagram with he and Obama’s bromance. Too cute!

And here, walking arm in arm around the oval office like old chums.

Can you say #squadgoals?

They go on ice cream dates.


We all know that Biden loves a frozen treat, and who better to share it with than your best bud?

They even celebrate Instagram holidays together, like #NationalHighFiveDay!

It’s possible that Joe might love Obama almost as much as he loves ice cream!

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