Volvo used an image of a same-sex couple to announce their new parental leave policy, and (of course) bigots are angry

It seems that companies are finally recognizing that not every family looks the same, and slowly but surely, we’re starting to see more ads that feature LGBTQ+ people. Unfortunately, there are still those out there angered by inclusion. Most recently, trolls lashed out at Volvo for featuring an illustration of a same-sex couple in a Facebook post.

On May 7th, Volvo announced a new, gender neutral parental leave policy for employees in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. And in its Facebook post about the policy, the car company used an illustration of two men holding hands as they watch their daughter play in a toy car. Under the new rules, all Volvo employees who become parents—including those who adopt children—are entitled to six months off at 80% pay.

Most of the comments on the post were overwhelmingly positive, with users applauding Volvo’s efforts. But it wasn’t long before trolls jumped in to criticize the drawing.

"OMG never buying Volvo again!!!" one comment read. "Thinking about selling current one, I don't want to be associated with this...."

Another user wrote: “They are desperate for sales! May sell a few but loose [sic] a whole bunch of traditional families. Beware of your choices as they will always have consequences. Volvo is not my choice anymore.” Others condemned the image as too “politically correct.”

"I wonder if Volvo will be advertising this in the Middle East?" one user wrote. "I do think this is a slightly contrived attempt at PC point-scoring and personally I'd rather just see posts from Volvo about cars, rather than political correctness."

When one person wrote that the company had “better focus on cars,” the company responded by defending its announcement.

"This is a part of our people strategy," the company replied. "Being a human centric company with a culture built on caring about people, this is in line with what we stand for as a company."

Volvo’s parental leave policy is a major step toward equality, and the accompanying illustration is beautifully inclusive (not to mention reflects the reality of so many real-world families). Hopefully other companies will take note—and ignore the trolls.

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