These volunteers dressed as characters from “Star Wars” to gather supplies for Mexico’s earthquake victims

What does it take to be heroic? A good and honest heart, plenty of courage, maybe a sheer bit of luck. And while it’s not a necessity, dressing for the part can also help us embody the hero spirit. Take it from the team of volunteers who dressed like the cast of Star Wars in Mexico City. The group was wearing their intergalactic best to collect supplies for those affected by the earthquakes in the country.

With signs that say “centro de acopio de otra galaxia,” which translates to “collection center from another galaxy,” and “#LaFuerzaEstáConMéxico,” which means “the force is with Mexico,” these heroes may be just who we need to save the day.

The volunteers are collecting donations of toys, clothing, water, diapers, medicine, and more in Mexico City. These donations will be taken to Morales, a town in Mexico that hasn’t been receiving as much media attention as Mexico City (but still needs just as much help).

Not only are these heroes doing some important work, they’re also spreading happiness while they’re at it by taking photos with people who donate goods.

In case you missed this group last time, they’ll be collecting more supplies on Saturday, September 30th. So you can donate and even get a photo if you’re lucky enough.

If there’s an intergalactic squad to team up with, it’s this one. We know Yoda wasn’t there, but we have a feeling he would have been proud of this group for using the force in such a selfless way.

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