Here’s how you can volunteer for Planned Parenthood because it’s okay if you can’t afford to donate

Many developments have come out of the recent election. One of the biggest thus far is the resurgence in people looking to help Planned Parenthood anyway they can. Although the first thing one may think to do is donate money there are so many different ways to help. You may not know how to help otherwise, but here’s how you can volunteer with Planned Parenthood!

In addition to donations, The Planned Parenthood Action Fund needs volunteers both locally and online. If you are interested in signing up all you have to do is fill out this form or sort thru volunteer opportunities here, and you will either be able to work with local organizers and/or Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s national staff.

Volunteers who have skill sets in marketing and administration are wanted but the website specifies that people with all types of skill sets are welcome to apply. If you have a very packed schedule many Planned Parenthood branches offer a monthly volunteer night. During these monthly volunteer nights you can help with phone banking, putting together pamphlets, mailings, and creating safe sex packs.

Many people are confuse what the role of Planned Parenthood is. Although they do help with abortion access and birth control they also provide a myriad of other programs including STD testing, UTI treatments, and pap tests. In addition to these programs they also provide sex education, sexual assault help, and educate woman on voting rights.

We encourage you to learn more about Planned Parenthood and if you can, lend your help, because women’s rights are human rights!

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