OK, this 18-year-old girl’s incredible voice sounds exactly like auto-tune

Auto-tune catches some flack by music purists who don’t appreciate the digital alteration of musician’s voices. But for Emma Robinson, her auto-tune sound has nothing to do with putting her amazing voice through a computer — her incredibly gorgeous voice is all natural.

Yup, this Florida based 18-year-old has a unique inflection that makes it sound like her voice has been put through an auto-tune program, but it hasn’t. In a video she uploaded to YouTube Monday, she belts out Tori Kelly’s “Paper Hearts,” and the neat vocal technique is so clear that her cover is going viral.

Check it out:

Emma is a serious talent. Her Instagram page is also full of beautiful snippets of her incredible singing voice.

Even something as brief as Vine showcases her amazingness.

We have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be hearing a lot more of Emma Robinson in the future.

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(Image via YouTube)