You probably didn’t realize that the voice of Rocko from “Rocko’s Modern Life” also appeared on “Jane the Virgin”

This is Carlos Alazraqui.

If you grew up in the golden era of Nickelodeon animation, then you are forever indebted to this man. For he was the voice of Rocko, your favorite cartoon wallaby, on Rocko’s Modern Life.

But Alazraqui’s career is not limited to the iconic cartoon show — far from it. A quick glance on the hugely successful entertainer’s IMDb page will let you know that he has been a voice actor in pretty much anything that requires a voice actor. From Happy Feet, to The Farily Oddparents, to Inside Out, to Archer, to The Legend of Korra, to The Boondocks… Guys, I’m barely scratching the surface here.

But Alazraqui’s performances are not solely vocal. Rocko himself has physically appeared in numerous TV shows and films including… JANE THE VIRGIN?!!

In 2015, Alazraqui was on two episodes, playing Dr. Jorge Pizano Moncada, a “crooked plastic surgeon” who helps Rose avoid getting caught. 

Alazraqui also starred as one of the hilarious officers, Deputy James Garcia, in the Comedy Central series/cult fave Reno 911!


And in case you needed more proof that Carlos Alazraqui appears in everything all the time, he is also the voice of the iconic Taco Bell chiuahaha.

*~dream career~*

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