Vogue UK’s Editor-in-Chief Was Starved for Carbs At Age 10

A childhood without carbs?!  Sounds like cruel and unusual punishment. Not even a Vogue editor should be expected to start slimming so early. But around the age of ten, it happened to Alexandra Shulman, British Vogue’s EIC since 1992. Shulman was put on a mandatory potato famine by her own mother when it was thought that she was getting too “podgy.” And that’s not even the least of it — Shulman’s mother actually delegated the duty of diet enforcement to Alexandra’s headmistresses, who relieved the future editrix of her in-school carb privileges in front of her lunchtime peers.

“But I’ve survived,” Shulman joked in a recent interview, shrugging off the public humiliation with a laugh.

Although, thanks to the childhood potato policing, Schulman has refused to print diets and feature scary-skinny models in the pages of the major UK fashion mag. Thanks for taking one for the team, Alex! Now at 55, the mogul momma is just hoping to age gracefully and refuses to compare herself to models, mini-moguls or industry peers.

Don’t we all? (Perhaps those moments might be a touch easier to swallow if we all reigned supreme over one insanely may-jah fashion closet, but I mean, po-tay-to/po-tot-o.)

Featured image via Refinery29