These vodka-filled candy canes are perfect for getting holiday tipsy (aka, the best kind of tipsy)

Who wants to wake up on Christmas morning and find a package of vodka-filled candy canes underneath their tree? WE DOOOO!!! We suspect we’re not alone in our desire to get holiday tipsy because plenty of frazzled individuals will to need to sip on something stiff in order to recover from this most wonderful time of the year.

On second thought, we’ll take one of these liquored up candy canes to go right now, actually. When experts told us how to not explode from stress during the holiday season, they probably could’ve saved themselves a ton of time and effort by simply handing over a pack of these booze-filled canes.

Created by Pinnacle, the vodka-filled candy canes are a steal at $5 and can be found at your local liquor store. The cheap price gets you four 50-milliliter samples of flavored liquor. The combinations vary by store and include peach and whipped, salted caramel, pineapple, cinnamon roll and raspberry.

YUM. Sounds like a tasty way to drown your holiday sorrows or amp up your holiday cheer, depending on how you’re feeling right about now.

Now, these vodka-filled candy canes aren’t to be confused with actual candy cane vodka, which sounds just as appetizing but totally isn’t the same drink.

After seeing Snoop Dogg watch candy canes being made, the icky process gave us some rather unpleasant feelings about the classic holiday sweets. We almost considered giving up on them, but Pinnacle has restored our faith in candy canes, even if they’re only plastic ones that offer us another reason to get drunk on Christmas.