This vlogger painted her nails with 116 coats of nail polish, because why not?

If you don’t know about Cristine of the Simply Nailogical YouTube channel, you should. She’s hilarious, and her videos are fantastic. She recently decided to take some suggestions from fans — and what she got was not the typical detailed nail art that you’d expect. She explained at the top of her recent video.

“Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to put on a layer of every single polish that I own. Honestly if it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t get such great content ideas. SO genius. This is not insane at all! Looking at my nail polish, I am suddenly overwhelmed.”

Behind her, she has a huge bookcase-worth of nail polish — and while in the video titled “100+ Coats of Nail Polish | #POLISH MOUNTAIN” it’s safe to say she didn’t use all of them, she did decide to paint her nails with 116 layers of her favorite colors. That’s right, 116 layers.


It was a painstaking process that she actually had to start OVER after the first 40 layers, because she wasn’t patient enough the first time and didn’t wait for the layers to dry (we feel you, girl). It took her roughly 10 hours to complete, and she was fortified by Starbucks, cereal, pizza, and visits from her cat during the process.


Are you ready to see what it looks like up close? It’s almost like that bubble nail trend, but way more complicated, and way more inconvenient. Go to the next page to see the video and the final look.

Here’s her hand in action.


And here’s what Cristine is dubbing #POLISHMOUNTAIN in all its glory:


Watch the video here, and then go down a rabbit hole like I did and watch the rest of Cristine’s videos:

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