This comedian’s side-by-sides prove fake abs are just as good as the real thing, and LOL

Who says you need to exercise to obtain perfectly toned, gladiator-like abdominal muscles? Everyone, actually. Everyone says that. Because you kinda do. But if you’re hilarious vlogger lady Christina Wolfgram — you don’t.

Wolfgram took to social media to show off her newly acquired abs (as many fitness enthusiasts do). She showed the world what her abdominal region looked like before sit ups, and then she showed her post sit up progression.

“I hesitated before posting this #beforeandafter but you’ve been on this journey with me and I want to share my progress,” Wolfgram wrote to her followers. “On the left is me before I did one sit up and on the right is me after.”

And WOW, what a difference a sit up makes.

Wolfgram may have, in fact, done a sit up, but it was actually an app that provided her with the sculpted, absolutely not-real-looking abs that extended onto her sports bra and yoga pants.

“In between, I downloaded an app that’s supposed to be easier than Photoshop,” Wolfgram added. “It has CHANGED my back and shoulders wow. If you’re reading this, please know that anyone – even you – can achieve muscles like this. Just search ‘abs’ in the App Store.”

She also showed what happened after she did an upper back sit up, which might be a thing, but probably isn’t. The Facebook post has been liked almost 300 times since it was posted yesterday. Comments include, “that’s one way to do it!!!,” “I see so much hard work, bravo! Haha,” and “Damn I better download that app. Total game changer.”

The self titled “sit-down comedian” also happens to be the brilliantly funny video producer/on-camera talent at HelloGiggles, and we love her so.

Get your very own abs (and back abs) by downloading the app here.