This vlogger uses this fall-themed ingredient to get hair to grow faster

As the local coffeeshop switches their drink menu from an iced summer palette over to the delicious fall flavors, one of our favorite beauty vloggers, Farah Dhukai, has incorporated a very autumnal ingredient into her beauty regimen. Dhukai shared that pumpkin makes your hair grow faster — and there is science to back it up! The savvy and creative Instagram star, who has gifted her Instagram followers with tips that include recipes for DIY contour face masks (this is totally a thing), how to use diaper rash cream on acne, and how to use Listerine as a dandruff-killer, has now shared a video detailing the fact that:

Pumpkin oil is not only good in lattes, it’s good as a hair-growth elixir!

In Dhukai’s video she explains that a cocktail of mostly pumpkin oil and a few drops of peppermint essential oils might be the trick for your hair woes! First, she mixes up the pumpkin oil with the dash of peppermint, lets it get warm (this is crucial), and then massages it in for several minutes, and voila: longer locks! If you’re feeling skeptical of the science behind this beauty, a study conducted by researchers from Republic of Korea’s Pusan National University showed that regular intake of pumpkin oil slowed down and in some cases reversed the effects of balding due to the presence of vitamin E, vitamin K, and omega 6 acids!

Naturally, Dhukai had a killer soundtrack for her tutorial.


She shows that all you need to stimulate hair growth is two simple ingredients.


First off, you’ll need pumpkin oil!


Then add a few drops of peppermint essential oil.


Swirl your glass around until the concoction is room temperature!


The amount measurements aren’t specified; just make sure it’s mostly pumpkin with some drops of peppermint!


Once it’s warm, massage your scalp with the mixture for 5 to 7 minutes!


Slight tingling is normal.


Save the rest of your concoction for later, and make it a weekly routine for results!


Check out the full video and the perf soundtrack below.