Vivienne Westwood Says Stop Buying So Many Clothes

If a world-renowned designer tells you to buy less clothes, you should probably listen. Or, if you, like me, have a late-night online shopping problem, you should at least consider it. After showing her new collection at London Fashion Week, Dame Vivienne Westwood, eccentric taste-maker extraordinaire, made a plea to her loyal fashion followers:

Even for those of us who can’t afford high-end runway wares, this should definitely ring true. Sure, disposable fashion (a la Forever 21) is great when you want to try out a new trend, but how many of those paper-thin tees do you actually end up holding on to? And how much money do you actually end up wasting? Of course, for people like Westwood with friends in high places, the luxury of buying less comes pretty easily.

#PoorPeopleProblems. But the woman does have a point. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve stuffed my online shopping cart with low-ticket items just so that I feel like I’m “getting my money’s worth.” However, those are the things that typically get lost in my closet the quickest.

Westwood’s bigger point though, was to encourage people to rid themselves of their materialistic tendencies and get more deeply involved in culture.

Read Vivienne Westwood’s entire interview here.

Featured image via Telegraph