Vitamin Vodka = the drink that’s supposed keep you from getting hangovers

Drinking is one of those activities in which the start is always the highest point. One drink, two drinks in — everything is coming up roses! But drink even a little too much, and the dark side comes out. We’re talking about the hangover, that one-two combo of dehydration and exhaustion which has got many a person waking up in the morning (or afternoon) wondering, “Why did I drink so much?”

So, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get your drank on, but in a way that didn’t leave you feeling like a wrung-out shell of yourself the next day? Enter: Vitamin Vodka, which claims to prevent hangovers by virtue of the — wait for it — vitamins in their vodka. The company also claims that because its vodka is organic and purified, it’ll also contribute less to hangovers, as it’s often the “not alcohol” in a drink that causes wicked hangovers.

In an interview with Munchies, one of Vitamin Vodka’s business managers had this to back up their health claims: “The vitamins help supplement some of the nutrients lost when drinking alcohol. Vitamins B, C, and K are used in Vitamin Vodka. The B and C vitamins assist with hydration, as it’s primarily dehydration that creates a hangover. You consume the equivalent of one multivitamin in every four shots.” Uh, so does this mean that Vitamin Vodka is actually . . . healthy?

In short: No. Vitamins or not, alcohol is still alcohol. While drinking Vitamin Vodka straight up (as the company recommends) might actually help with not getting hangovers, that probably has less to do with the vodka itself and more with the fact that it’s quality vodka, without any of the sugary additives or preservatives that oftentimes come with cheap mixed drinks. (AKA, the commonly believed source of many a hangover.)

However, per the Mayo Clinic, the real biggest cause of hangovers is . . . alcohol. Which means Vitamin Vodka or not, the best way to ward off hangovers is to keep track of what and how you’re drinking, make allowances for your age and food intake, and drink some water before you go to bed. That said, we can’t say we’re not curious about Vitamin Vodka — and hey, at least it’s a great icebreaker at the bar.

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Image via Vitamin Vodka/YouTube.