10 shocking things that happen to your body when you’re vitamin D deficient

When it comes to our health, we all try our best to manage the essentials, but it happens to all of us — you walk out of your house or apartment on Saturday morning and realize that because of typical working hours, you have literally not been in the sun beyond walking to your car in the morning. And of course, with the endlessly busy schedules so many people keep, it’s nearly impossibly to make sure you’re getting the vitamin D you ought to be getting from your diet. Between those two issues (and maaaany others, including, hi, the dark bleak winter experienced by most of the world), more people than one might expect could be suffering from a vitamin D deficiency, and they may not even know it.

1. You have high blood pressure, even though you seem to be doing everything right.

Despite living a relatively healthy lifestyle, being young, and perhaps lacking a family history, do you still get told your blood pressure is high? This could be a symptom of a vitamin D deficiency, according to the New York Times.

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2. You get literally every bug that goes around.

Vitamin D deficiency can mess with your immune system, weakening it and making you more susceptible to illnesses you otherwise might be able to avoid. Over time, a vitamin D deficiency can even cause infections and serious autoimmune conditions.

3. You feel like you’re 100-years-old any time you bend.

A vitamin D deficiency can cause arthritis. We had literally no idea and we’re definitely going to schedule some time in the sun because WOW would that be the worst thing ever.

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4. Growing up with a vitamin D deficiency can lead to heart conditions later in life.

So it’s not only important to keep an eye on your vitamin D consumption — if you have kids, or younger relatives, definitely keep on eye on them too. It sounds minor, but a vitamin D deficiency can seriously impact your health in a lifelong manner.

5. Being tired all. the. time.

No matter how many weekends you spend hibernating or how early you go to bed, you can’t keep your eyes open during the day. If you notice a difference in your energy levels, it might be worth grabbing some vitamins and seeing if you can’t beat the fatigue with vitamin D.

6….and yet, you struggle to sleep.

Is there ANYTHING MORE ANNOYING than being exhausted, but totally unable to fall asleep? The answer is no, and also, the answer could be vitamin D.

7. Pain that goes literally bone deep.

Another sign you might have a vitamin D deficiency is bone pain. We’re not entirely sure what that feels like, but we imagine if your bones are literally aching, you’ll know it.

8. You’ve got a sweaty…head? Like, unusually sweaty.

Having an unusually sweaty head is one of the first, most telling signs of a deficiency, so if this applies to you, it’s definitely early enough to take action before it impacts you in other, more serious ways.

9. You suffer from digestive issues.

Tummy trouble? A beach day might actually be the answer.

10. And yeah, dudes, this is serious: even death.

Something like a vitamin D deficiency doesn’t reeeeally sound that serious, right? But it really, really is. The New York Times reports that a vitamin D deficiency long term can lead to death. So if you feel like you might have one, or a doctor tells you that you do, it’s definitely something to handle immediately. Luckily, a routine blood test will let you know what’s up. Take care of yourselves, friends.

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