Here’s how you can spend your next vacation in Westeros from ‘Game of Thrones’

Have you ever wanted to walk a mile in Jon Snow’s shoes? Or better yet, walk across all of Westeros in Jon Snow’s shoes? If that’s a dream of yours, there’s a way to make it come true. You can now book a vacation to visit some Game of Thrones’ shooting locations, and not only snap pictures at some Winterfell sights, but actually live like you’re a Westeros native while you’re there, too. After a quick lesson in sword fighting and archery, you’ll definitely be ready to join the Night’s Watch. Or, at least, you’ll definitely be ready to imagine that you’ve joined the Night’s Watch, or maybe even LARP that you’ve joined the Night’s Watch.

Game of Thrones is largely shot in Ireland, with Castle Black and Hardhome calling the countryside their home. As Game of Throne‘s popularity has grown, so has the need to travel to these places IRL. Because when given the option of seeing Castle Black on TV, or seeing it with your own eyes, you always choose the latter.

Now, thanks to Winterfell Tours, you can actually visit shooting locations for Game of Thrones in person. Embarking on a tour with them will take you through almost a dozen shooting locations for the series, including Winterfell Castle, Robb’s Camp, Walder Frey’s Twins, and the Whispering Wood. But taking one of these tours isn’t just a boring sightseeing thing. Oh no, far from that. These people really know what the superfans want, so you’ll also have the opportunity to throw on some large, fur coats (because winter is always coming, you guys), and play with direwolves. Haven’t you always wanted to hang out with some direwolves??

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