This might be the most futuristic marriage proposal ever

There are endless ways to propose marriage to someone you love, and the Internet is proof of that. From choreographed dances to Harry Potter cakes, and from custom Monopoly boards to insane roller coaster rides, we pretty much thought we’d seen it all. But one guy has done something totally beyond our imaginations, thanks to his super-cool job in gaming: He proposed virtually. (FYI: that doesn’t make it any less real.)

Chandler Murch, an employee at the software company Valve, convinced his girlfriend, Kelly Tortorice, to come to his company’s headquarters in Washington. He asked her to test out their new virtual reality demo. Now, of course, if you’re testing out some virtual reality equipment, you’ll probably expect to see some crazy stuff. But there was one thing that Kelly saw when she put on the headset that totally blew her away.

“So there I was, typical day. . . on a sunken ship deck; fixing robots; painting three-dimensional fire; walking through the Alps,” Kelly wrote on Facebook, “and then suddenly, a virtual engagement ring started floating my way.”

Chandler told her to take the engagement ring, then take off her headset. And when she did, she realized the proposal wasn’t all virtual. “. . . there he really was, on one knee, with a real ring,” she continued. “It wasn’t imaginary anymore.”

Kelly didn’t say yes, though. “I said, ‘OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU!’” she joked. “Thank you for such a hilarious and fun surprise. I love you and I can’t wait for the life ahead of us.” The headset is called the HTC Vive and is currently unreleased. Thanks to his job, Chandler had access to the super-cool gadget early and decided to use it for the most delightfully nerdy proposal ever. (Images via Facebook) Related: The sweetest proposal in the history of proposalsThe proposal video that made us cry real tears

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