Everything You Need to Know if Your Zodiac Sign Is Virgo

Learn about the kind and hardworking sixth sign of the zodiac.

It’s officially Virgo season—not that we have to tell you, Virgos. As the most observant, analytical, and detail-oriented sign of the zodiac, you’ve probably been planning your birthday month since the last one ended about 365 days ago. And who could blame you? You’ve got pragmatic planning down to a science. It’s finally time to say farewell to fiery, flamboyant Leo season and get down to business. 

If you’re not a Virgo, this season is about planning and executing your goals. The sun in Leo may have fueled you with passion and creativity, but its new position shows you that now’s the time to buckle up and turn those dreams into reality. Virgo vibes may also have you feeling inclined to map out what you want for yourself over the course of the next few months, including tactical steps for how you’ll get there. In short, use the powerful intellectual energy of Virgo to get your shit together. 

If you are a Virgo, now’s the best time to go easy on yourself. Seriously, you’re doing amazing. Stop being so tough on yourself and give yourself a little grace! Take a step back and look at your personal and professional growth over the last year. Only then can you really look forward with the tenacity and resourcefulness that people revere you for.

Birth dates: August 23rd-September 22nd

Symbol: the maiden

Ruling planet: Mercury

Element: earth

Quality: mutable

Season: summer

Your defining traits:

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of information and technology, Virgos are intensely logical and analytical. According to Stardust, your key identifying characteristics are “practical, pragmatic, expressive, patient, and kind.” You’re also observant, independent, and always striving for excellence, and you’re considered the perfectionist of the zodiac sign, though this mindset is also why you tend to be your own worst critic. You love planning ahead and have no problem using your innate resourcefulness to problem-solve until you achieve your goal. 

Who you’re compatible with:

Stardust explains that Virgos are compatible with all zodiac signs because they are a mutable sign. Lucky you! “With water signs, you can create,” she says. “With air signs, you can rationalize the world; with fire signs, you get inspired; and with other earth signs, you are able to use their inventiveness and make things.” A Virgo in love is said to be soul-searching and introspective, and you know that deep down you crave stability and loyalty most from a partner.

Your Ideal career path:

Virgos, you’re the thinkers of the zodiac and make excellent employees. To stimulate your intellect, though, you need to work in a position that requires you to use their brains to analyze facts and matters. Stardust says Virgos make really great researchers, editors, writers, and investigators. According to her: “You are able to fairly judge a situation and use [your] words to support equality for all, which is why you are great judges and lawyers as well.”

Your ultimate purpose in life: 

If you could do one thing and one thing only in this life, it would be to bring order to all of the chaos around you. Stardust says that being able to express yourself with all of the information and knowledge at hand is your ultimate purpose, which makes you able to search for the truth and to honor veracity in your life more than most. You can be nitpicky, but that’s only because you look at the details, which is great because you can truly analyze the fine print. 

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