Virgo season starts today, and it’s time to declutter every aspect of your life

Virgo season starts August 23rd, and it’s time for some (autumn) spring cleaning. After a Leo season focused on extravaganza, bold love affairs, creative expression, and boosted confidence, it’s time to get humble again. Virgo season is about finding our balance after a month of fun and perhaps a bit of excess.

If you indulged in shopping sprees and racked up extravagant expenses during Leo season and Venus in Leo, get out your spreadsheet and count your coins. If you met someone new or explored passionate avenues, this season is about getting back to reality. Passion is great, but how are these new ventures applicable in your day to day life? What needs revising? What needs extra attention?

Virgo season is about spring cleaning. We all know how much Virgo likes cleaning; if there is a cleaning fairy, it is Virgo! This season is about cleaning the house and getting rid of all the material things you’re holding onto that you don’t need. If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s out. The same goes for relationships. Yes, perhaps that new shiny lover was very endearing and looked great in your vacation pics. But do they actually fit in your day to day life? Do you share common values? If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s OUT.

And lastly, maybe you tried new activities, found a new social group, or took a new class. But how do those things realistically fit into your schedule? Can you afford them in terms of time, energy, and money? Once again: If not, it’s OUT.

Virgo season is about cleaning because Virgo likes things to be balanced, organized, and refined.

Things need to be simple, straightforward, and practical. Otherwise, how can you be efficient? Virgo season takes us back to earth, and wants us to be efficient and productive. You might find yourself concerned with work and practical details of your day to day life again.

Now is a time to reorganize your closets, do your accounting, rearrange the furniture, and adjust your schedule to make it more efficient and pleasant. You might even want to look into your diet and eliminate food that makes you feel sluggish, ill, sleepy, or slowed down. Remember, this season is about efficiency. In your relationship—and pretty much every aspect of your life—things have to be simple and efficient. Otherwise, what do we say? OUT!

Overall, Virgo season is bringing a desire to be productive, but also more self-aware, analytical, and critical.

During Leo season, we were patting ourselves on the back and praising ourselves for all of our accomplishments. During Virgo season, though, you might want to take a closer look and see if you could do things differently, review the details more closely, or perfect your work.

It’s time to bring modesty and moderation to the table. All things must come full circle, and after such a bold August, now is the time to be our own critics in kindness and love.

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