Virgo Season Is Right Around the Corner—Here’s What This Means

Professional endeavors will now take flight.

After a summer of very casual Fridays, you’re heading back to work on August 22nd, when Virgo season commences. The next 30 days correlate with back-to-school, back-to-work, back-to-basics time and the last days of summer.

This year, Virgo season will be intense, as a mutable grand cross in the cosmos with the sun, Neptune, and the Nodes of Destiny are pushing you to let go of the past and start anew—if you are ready.  

Read below for your horoscope for Virgo season. Make sure to read your rising sign as well.


You’re scanning and adjusting your daily routine in an effort to create more stability in your life over the next 30 days. This means committing to a plan that can help revamp your energy. Bossing up your vibe will reduce anxiety and stresses this month.  


Love is in the air, which is making you blush with romance and passion. The only caveat is that you will need to create boundaries with the person you desire in order to feel that you are not being taken for granted.  


Pre-autumn cleaning will magically help you find out what needs to be added and what needs to be let go from your life. Purging all of the extra items in your closet will bring more space so you can add in the energy that you want.   


You’re allowing others to know about your innermost feelings by speaking from the heart. Being open and honest with your emotions will help elevate relationships. It will also let others know how you feel about them deep down and allow you both to become closer.  


You love to give to others, but you’re finding that your generous heart isn’t receiving much back from your loved ones. Be clear on expectations with your friends and family by telling them that you want to receive more TLC in return. Make sure your kindness is being reciprocated.  


Work is picking up, forcing you to find balance between your personal life and professional goals. Don’t let your professional endeavors and personal drama get in the way of keeping your focus. Give equally to both parts of your life to avoid distractions.  


Prioritizing your dreams is key now, even if this requires you to step away from the public sphere of life and meditate on your visions. You will find personal fulfillment inputting your visions first (for a change). This will inspire you to move towards greatness.  


Your networking skills are on fire, and you’re able to make more connections and contacts then you ever imagined. Let your new acquaintances give you the DL and advice in your field. This will allow you to boost your professional relationships and LinkedIn reach.  


Your professional game is amazing right now. Since you’re achieving all of your goals and tasks, you may want to open up your Rolodex and help your coworkers out with leads for future projects (which will allow you to show your kind-hearted nature).  


You’re ditching your old insecurities and embracing newly found self-confidence. This means adding things that make you happy into your day-to-day vibe and getting a little bit bolder when it comes to showing off your best assets. Don’t be shy! Let the world know your fabulousness!  


You are tired of showing off sentiments and discussing your emotions. In fact, you’re trying to keep a low profile in order to avoid letting your feelings be known. But don’t hide away from your emotions. It’s okay to be honest with your desires and express yourself; just use caution when doing so.  


Your situationship is leveling up, which means you’re making it totally official with your boo. Soon you’ll be changing your Facebook and IG status to “committed” rather than “single.” Prepare yourself to be questioned by your friends and family who want to know the complete deets.  

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