The Virgo New Moon Is Happening—Here’s What That Means

This is not the time to hold back on your passions.

The Virgo new moon occurs on September 17th. Unlike the recent luminaries, this one will be emotionally intense and energetically draining (due to the Grand Cross occurring from the new moon, Neptune retrograde, and the Nodes of Destiny). Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

However, if you lean into the dreams that you are the most passionate about and desirous of, you can achieve personal and spiritual fulfillment. This is not the time to hold back. Be brave, embrace change and growth, and go after what you want. New moon, who dis?! 

Below is your Virgo new moon horoscope. Don’t forget to check out your rising sign, too.


Time to face the facts, Aries. You desperately need downtime. You give so much of yourself trying to be the best that you’ve managed to burn out your innate spark. Before you totally deplete yourself, spend the day relaxing to restore your vitality.  


All work and no play can make anyone cranky—especially you, Taurus. Take time for yourself in between business meetings and have some fun, even if it’s by playing a 5-minute Animal Crossing sesh or laughing at a few jokes by amusing comedians on YouTube.  


Your career goals are changing, mostly because your beliefs are evolving. Think about what you want to accomplish in the near future and the steps you need to attain those dreams. With the right planning, even the impossible can happen. Manifest your future right now, Gemini.  


Gossiping isn’t nice, especially when it’s about you and it’s completely untrue. Squash the rumors by directly addressing the false tales circulating in your friend circle. Your peers will totally stop running their mouths and spreading unsubstantiated stories out of respect for you.  


You may receive payback from a loan that was given to a friend or you may even receive a refund from your taxes that you hadn’t expected. Don’t spend your extra cash frivolously, though. Save your pennies for a rainy day, or start saving up for something you really want.  


It’s been a long time since you’ve demanded the spotlight. Now, you want to be noticed (who can blame you!). Step out and post a hot selfie on Instagram. Embrace all the kind and flattering words being thrown your way. Soak up the love!  


It’s totally cool to get lost in a daydream as long as you don’t forget about all of the things you need to accomplish throughout the day. Escaping reality is totally fine, but don’t lose your footing here on Earth. Stay grounded and connected now. 


Acquaintances come and go, and you’re okay with that—as long as they’re not your besties. Therefore, it’s time to honor your ride-or-die pals with a celebratory happy hour via Zoom, just because you love them. The feeling is 100% reciprocated. Cheers! 


New opportunities are opening up and happening at work, and you’re in the running. Before you make moves and run impulsively towards a promotion, feel out the vibes to see if that’s a position you really want. All that glitters isn’t necessarily gold.  


Finding one’s spiritual center is challenging for most, but most people are not you. Use this luminary to align with a new belief system and practice, like astrology or yoga. You’ll find that it not only inspires you to evolve and grow but also to expand your mind.  


You are at a crossroads with a few of your interpersonal relationships—and you are unsure how to move forward. Think about whether you really want to cut ties. It may be best to hash out your issues and find a common ground.  


Now that you’ve found love, how will you move forward with your romance? Before you overthink it, lead with your heart instead of with your mind. Let your intuition and emotions bring you to a harmonious place with your boo.

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