This viral video will bring back all of your awesome first crush feelings

Realizing you have a crush is a seriously magical feeling. The giddy, heart-pounding knowledge that there’s this awesome person you want to spend all your time with is enough to make you do some crazy stuff. When you’re feeling it for the first time? Then it’s just downright unbelievable.

We can only assume that’s how this young couple was feeling in this video that’s gone viral over the past week. In it, a young boy is waiting outside of some school gates holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He stands for some time, noticeably nervous, until the girl he is waiting for emerges. The two hug, and as the boy presents her with the bouquet, she starts crying.

We don’t know their story. It’s unclear if this moment is because of anything specific, or just one of those random acts of romance that come with first love. While the two lovebirds may still be kids, they’re already killing it at this dating game. A few adults could probably take a page out of their book. You don’t need a special reason to make the day of the someone you care about.

Watch the heartwarming clip below!

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