This viral photo of a grandpa doing his wife’s hair will make your day, week, and maybe month

Make sure you grab those tissues, folks. Because you’re going to need them. We just came across viral photos of a grandpa doing his wife’s hair, and it’s the cutest, sweetest thing ever. Twitter user Amy Pennington shared the loving pics of her grandparents on the social platform recently. And just like us, the rest of the Twitterverse burst into happy tears.

Pennington’s grandmother was recovering from wrist surgery and needed a little help doing her hair. And her husband stepped in to lend her a helping hand. True love exists, guys.

And what’s even better is that you can totally see that Pennington’s grandmother snapped the pics with an iPhone. Why does that matter, you ask? Because we can totally see this scenario played out in the next Apple commercial — that’s why. You know how Apple likes to advertise and tug at our heart strings at the same time. And this so gosh darn adorable!

Stuck in a rut? Well, one look at this viral tweet can lift any mood.


We’re not sure if she’s going to share just how the pics have had an impact on so many with her grandparents anytime soon. According to the Twitter user, her “grandma would be so upset that she’s Twitter famous off a picture of herself in her robe with no makeup.”

Over 100,000 retweets and 220,000 likes later, and Pennington’s grandparents have become overnight celebrities. She may want to tell her sooner rather than later. Because things could get pretty weird if one of them gets recognized while out and about.

Raise your hand if you’re overwhelmed with this bit of love and cuteness!

We need more of these happy feelings coming across out timelines more often. Because with everything going on in the world, life can seem pretty dim and dreary. And this seeing this provided the perfect escape.

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