The viral pen challenge is a thing and it might be the most bizarre way ever to procrastinating studying

There’s another challenge viral-ing (not a word, probably) it’s way around the internet, and it involves students finding out how many pens they can hold with their heads. Because why would you study for finals when there are pens to shove in your nose?

The strange, but oddly popular challenge is the brainchild of Twitter user Lauren, aka @joshaudn. She distracted herself from doing school work by challenging herself to see how many pens her head could hold. false

And she found her answer: false

And that’s where the challenge started. Another procrastinating student took on the pens-in-every-crevice challenge. false

So Lauryn kept upping her game. false

And so did the the other student. false

Both teens clearly own more pens than any human alive. false

And then other students got involved. false

And made some really great points about pens. false false

It was all so weird. false

So thanks to a bunch of students who didn’t feel like studying, we now know that heads can, in fact, hold many, many pens. We just have to hope that this challenge remains all in safe fun and that no embarrassing ER trips for emergency pen-from-nose removals occur.

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