This mother-son “History of Dance” routine won over the school talent show AND the internet

We’re big fans of dance videos. Especially when they’re unsuspecting occurrences that just so happen to go viral. The latest? This impressive mother-son dance routine from a school talent show in Charlotte, North Carolina. It won over the audience, and now, it’s winning over the internet too. Because we all love a good dance video.

You may remember this bride-and-dad dance that went viral last year, as well as the video of this 11-year-old girl who couldn’t stop dancing to “Despacito.” Now, this mother-son dance routine is seriously popular. As of this writing, it has more than 18 million views on Facebook alone — and it was only posted on November 30th. In the first 24 hours that the video was up, it was viewed more than 1.5 million times, NBC Charlotte reports. Crazy!

The mother-son dance routine came about thanks to a talent show at Myers Park High School in Charlotte. Guidance counselor Ginny Goodwin Jenkins asked her son, Scott, to be in the show with her. He happily agreed and together, they performed a nearly five-minute-long “History of Dance” video. “I thought it would be fun to do a little dance. I conned my son, who also likes to dance as much as I do, to do it with me,” Ginny told NBC Charlotte in a sit-down interview about the video’s overnight popularity. “If you asked most of our friends, you know, we’re the dancing, goofy ones in the family for sure.”

Watch their mother-son dance routine for yourself in all of its epic glory.

In addition to their sweet, sweet dance moves, there’s more: The talent show benefitted the Susan G. Komen Foundation. That’s a win-win.

Scott, who is an accountant by day but also has his own YouTube channel, told NBC Charlotte that his mom taught him how to do the moonwalk at a young age. “What you saw on stage, that’s nothing out of the ordinary at all,” he added. “I was all for it. I thought it would be a lot of fun.”

Apparently, musical talent runs in the family. Here’s hoping for a sequel!

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