Twitter user goes viral thanks to her mansplaining “Inception” moment

Is there anything worse than having something mansplained to you? How about when a guy mansplains mansplaining? Meta.

In case you need a refresher, mansplaining occurs when a man explains something to a woman, under the assumption that she cannot possibly understand the concept as fully as he does.

Last week, a Twitter user named Katie Cunningham went viral after tweeting, “My favorite game is to act like I can’t understand something very simple when a man is explaining it to me to see how dumb he thinks I am.”

Then, it happened. Another Twitter user named Greg Hughes responded with “this, my dear, is called deception…” Yes, this guy stepped in to mansplain Katie’s Tweet about mansplaining. And it gets better.

Katie does what any self-respecting woman on the internet should do: She trolled him.

“What do you mean?” she innocently asked.

Greg tweets, “It’s a form of dishonesty that you are using for self gain or amusement. It’s actually quite sophisticated stuff well done.”

And with that, Katie had been mansplained mansplaining, and the Inception-like moment was over. She posted a screen grab with the caption “I’m so sorry but this was truly perfect,” and then made mansplaining history. You can see it below.

We do feel a little bad for Greg though, who insists that he was just playing along with Katie’s joke and isn’t really a mansplainer, according to the Daily Mail.

“We DM’d each other and straightened things out, she now knows it was a joke,” Greg said. “I have a feeling she knew all along, but to be fair she was getting a bit of abuse from people about it all.”

Then he added: “A further irony to all of this, when I showed my Australian wife that this was going viral, she couldn’t understand the fuss. And I had to mansplain the problems certain people have with irony.” Regular jokester, that Greg.

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