Kid’s note to dad starts off sweet, but ends with a savage twist we didn’t see coming

Kids always have a way of getting what they want, and this viral Reddit post proves exactly that. Recently, a Redditor shared the most adorable kid’s note to his dad that took #MondayMotivation to the next level.

“You are a hard worker. You can make the Earth a better place,” the Reddit user’s little cousin wrote on a pad of paper for his dad.

So far so sweet, right?

But it’s the final line of this kid’s note that really got us howling.

“And if you work harder, you can buy that game I want.”

While this gesture was sweet, there’s no denying the young one also had his own agenda — LOL.

The Reddit user went on to reveal that the “game” he was referring to was none other than the fancy new Nintendo Switch.

"My uncle laughed it off and showed it off to our entire family and his co-workers so they could laugh too 😂," a follow-up comment said. "My little cousin didn't just want a game, he wanted the Switch."

Since it was shared yesterday, the post has racked up over 18,000 upvotes and shows no sign of slowing down. Regardless of the little one’s goal of wanting a new game console, the kid’s note still warmed our hearts. We guarantee all our days would be brighter if they started out with a cute hand-written kid’s note like this one.

Seriously, this should have definitely gone up on the family’s refrigerator for everyone to see on a daily basis. We can’t help but wonder if the youngster had anything else on his wish list. Perhaps he needs to write a message or at least let us know if his dad ended up getting him the Switch?

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