The response to this viral Facebook post about teddy bear gives us major feels

Sometimes the Internet can be a wonderful, wonderful thing. We’re not just talking about cat videos, either.

If there’s one thing we love even more than watching a kitten get tickled on the belly, it’s acts of kindness. Especially when those good deeds are the result of good people working together on social media. Just such a thing happened recently when a seven-year-old little girl was reunited with her favorite teddy bear after a picture of the bear went viral on Facebook.

Abby McCoy lost her bear at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, on her way back home to Georgia after a Labor Day weekend trip with her family. As soon as they got home, they realized the teddy bear (named Teddy for obvious reasons) was missing. Abby’s dad, Eddie McCoy, called the airport several times in an effort to track down Teddy (because that’s what awesome dads do). As luck would have it, Miguel Rodriguez, an officer at the airport, overheard one of the phone calls and remembered a post he’d seen recently on Facebook.

The Facebook status included a photo of a certain well-loved teddy bear with the caption, “Please share. I found this guy at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County Airport in California. Let’s help him find his home.” The picture had originally been posted by Ann Marie Kernick of Raleigh, North Carolina, who found the bear, and the post had been shared over 28,000 times.

28,000 times was apparently just the right amount, because the lost bear was indeed THE bear belonging to little Abby McCoy. Teddy was shipped off via FedEx and arrived home the very next day. Abby and her entire family were thrilled. As Abby’s dad told WSB TV in Atlanta, “To say we were ecstatic would be an understatement.”

Teddy and Abby have been together since she was just two years old, when the bear comforted her when she was sick (our hearts!). Since then, he’s become a super important member of the McCoy family. He goes everywhere with Abby, which is probably why he’s been lost a few times before. EIGHT times, actually, including at Disney World. (We can only imagine how many teddy bears get lost at Disney on a daily basis. It must be in the thousands.) Abby’s mom, Anna, told her local news station, “Every time we think he’s gone for good, he pops right back up.”

Awwww. Props to Teddy for being such a faithful bestie. And props to the 28,000+ people who brought Teddy home and gave us all the feels in the process. Sniffle.

[Images via Facebook.]

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