This man’s viral adventure with getting bats out of his attic is the perfect Halloween story for today

An attic full of bats might sound like it only belongs in a haunted house, but for David Hill, a writer living in Arkansas, that scene-from-a-horror-film became a reality 10 days before Halloween.


However, his adventure trying to get rid of the bats became far more complicated than he ever expected—and his story is now going viral.

David, who uses the Twitter handle @davehill77, attempted to solve the problem by hiring professionals to remove the bats. But it didn’t work out quite as planned.

It seems that the professionals also didn’t know how to handle all 40 bats.

And sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan.

Thankfully, they try not to hurt the bats.

They called in reinforcements.

But at this point, the bats were EVERYWHERE.

The bats (understandably) didn’t want to leave their home, so they kept coming back.

Even the pros, Brad and Tanner, were wigged out at this point.

David resigned himself to the fact that this day was now Bat Day.

And even took a poll to get his followers’ opinions.

Following the overwhelming “yes”, it’s no surprise that no one wanted to climb up that ladder.

David shared a photo of the ladder of death.

At this point, everyone is worried about climbing up that thing.

Brad became the hero by deciding to climb up.



But not without experiencing real raw fear.

But even after the little buggers were gone, David wasn’t without reservations.

What if they come back—seeking revenge?!

But he was sure to give credit where it was due.

And said what we were all thinking.

We’re glad everyone made it out unscathed (bats included)! But for our heroes Brad and Tanner, this is just another day on the job—let’s have a round of applause for the unspoken heroes of our society.


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