Violet Voss is coming out with a new makeup tool that looks similar to the Silisponge

As we patiently (or impatiently) wait for our baby pink BeautyBlenders and our glitter Silisponges to arrive in the mail, it seems like another makeup tool just might steal the spotlight! Violet Voss’s The Perfect Weapon is set to launch VERY soon!

This silicone tool comes in both pink AND blue, and now it’s been announced the beauty brand is adding more shades! The beauty applicator claims to work on both liquid and powder products, so we only see it fitting that we get one of each color for each type of makeup application. Although, if it is anything like its doppelganger, the Silisponge, with just a bit of warm water and antibacterial soap, it is back to as good as new.

You can get months out of these nifty devices, but remember that they should be replaced at the first sign of damage to the outside layer of the tool. Beware tweezers and rogue eyelash curlers!

We honestly can’t get enough beauty tools, so we are super excited to get our hands on these Violet Voss makeup weapons!

The Perfect Weapon isn’t the only thing Violet Voss is dropping either, the Ride or Die pro eyeshadow palette comes with $270 worth of eyeshadows for ONLY $68! While there isn’t an official release date, we do know it’s launching soon!

The preview shows that it has all of our favorite basic shades in every finish. This is something that will actually make us put our Urban Decay Naked palettes down?!

What color will you be armed with?

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