Violet Voss is coming out with a pink prismatic liquid highlighter that will take our glow to a new level

One of the current, and most persistent pursuits in the makeup world is achieving an unparalleled glow. A dedicated makeup junkie will search the shelves top to bottom for a highlighter that will give our face a proper glow up. The new Violet Voss pink prismatic highlighter may quickly join our ranks of supreme highlighters due to its passion-colored prismatic glory.

According to an Instagram photo posted on Monday, Violet Voss has new highlighter that is not only bright pink (we’re talking Barbie pink), but also prismatic. This is ideal for those of us seeking out the mystical glow of a prismatic highlighter during the shift from winter to spring.

It’s currently available at IMATS NY, but we have yet to find out when and where else it will be available!

More pricing details are TBA through the IMATS official Instagram and website.

It looks like a cosmetic Glinda the Good Witch would wear in The Wizard of Oz.

This is the kind of highlighter you wear before killing some rival witches, or comforting lost girls from Kansas.

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Naturally, we will be keeping our eyes and ears posted for more updates on this prismatic pink, technicolor highlighter from beyond.

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