The reason Viola Davis loves Wonder Woman will seriously melt your heart

At some point in our lives, most of us have probably identified with a superhero. There’s a certain wish-fulfilling quality about a person who boasts almighty strength and special abilities, and apparently no one understands that better than Suicide Squad’s Viola Davis.

According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Davis was a shy child who got bullied at school, but she traded comic books and looked up to Wonder Woman for support. “Wonder Woman was my hero, that was it for me,” Davis exclaimed.


She went on to explain that she’s generally a shy, non-confrontational person, but,  

“I just thought to myself because I was bullied growing up, […] ‘If I could be Wonder Woman I could take care of all the bullies, and I could be cute doing it.”


DC’s Wonder Woman doesn’t open until mid-2017 (boo!), but of course Davis is going to be first in line.

“I’m going to be there first day, opening day of Wonder Woman, absolutely, hands down.”

Needless to say, super powers or not, Davis’s continual choice to portray fearless, powerful women who defy stereotypes and convention already makes her a hero in our book!


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