Viola Davis encouraged her daughter to stop apologizing, and we should all take note

Listen up, serial apologizers: We have a piece of solid wisdom that should help you out the next time you’re tempted to say sorry when it’s not warranted.  At the TIME Gala 100 on Tuesday, Viola Davis said she’s encouraging her daughter to stop apologizing, and we wholeheartedly support this message.

Sadly, many women feel compelled to apologize, even when we’re not at fault. We look forward to a day when it’s not necessary for others to let women know it’s fine to stop saying sorry, and with celebs like Davis, Beyoncé and Lena Dunham saying no to unnecessary apologizing, hopefully that time will come soon.

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But for now, here are the How to Get Away With Murder actress’ inspiring advice that deserves to be shouted from the mountaintops:

"We're at this huge point in our lives in history where we need to step into our power and not give it over to anyone or apologize for it...and understand that in whatever we do. We deserve to be there and we deserve to have a voice."

Amen. We can always count on Davis to spread empowerment with her words, whether she’s offering her opinion on stars getting political, giving us the unadulterated, brow-raising deets on TV sex, or eloquently educating the masses on the societal pressures surrounding black women and their hair.

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As we’ve said many times before, Davis’ fearless attitude is one we admire. For those who aren’t already on team #sorrynotsorry, we hope Davis’ words will inspire you to stop apologizing for merely taking up space in the world.

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