Some vintage beauty secrets you need in your life

We love everything vintage. Vintage cardigans, vintage typewriters, vintage books —and of course, vintage beauty secrets and makeup tips. Because why wouldn’t we? There are hundreds of examples of beautiful women throughout history. And before there were millions of options for makeup, hair products, vitamins, etcetera, women still managed to look impeccable with simple (and budget-friendly!) tips. Save some money and glam it up with these amazing old-timey beauty tips that still hold up today.


Beer isn’t just for drinking! You can totally use the beverage in your hair, and it will supposedly make it ultra shiny and healthy. According to Beauty and Tips, “The vitamin B and natural sugars that are found in beer add volume to hair and give it extra shine.” All you have to do is open a can of beer, let it sit and warm up and lose carbonation, and after shampooing apply it to your hair.

2. Safety pins + lashes
It has been rumored that Audrey Hepburn’s makeup artist used to separate each of her lashes with a safety pin after applying her mascara. Not only was that a Hepburn tip, Julia Roberts does it, AND I DO IT. Okay, well I used to and then one time I heard Roberts telling Oprah about it (and how she worked it into Charlie Wilson’s War) and I freaked out because it meant my mascara looked as good as Roberts and then I stopped because Oprah told her to stop and I had to listen.

But if you have a really steady hand, it’s kind of a great tip.

3. Coconut oil forever
People who love coconut oil LOVE coconut oil. Tbh coconut oil is amazing. It helps skin and hair, you can use it to cook obviously, and I’m pretty sure it cleans stuff. I use it to remove the last of my makeup after I wash my face and it works WONDERS. According to The Guardian, the beautiful Mae West used to swear by coconut oil. She’d put it on her face to achieve the absolutely perfect face that she had.

Also some classic beauties like Sophia Loren used to add a few drops of olive oil to their bath to help their skin. So if you’re into that kind of a thing —go for it.

4. Save on lipstick —use rose petals!

One of my favorite beauty tips ever is licking a red M&M and rubbing it on your lips instead of using lipstick or lip stain. That’s crazy though, and probably something I read in a Teen Beat as a kid. The more adult way to have natural lip color is to squeeze the color out of a rose petal. Whaaat? It’s a thing! Do it! It works as blush too!

5. Spray perfume on to your hair brush

The Daily Mail states that “Having a feminine smell was extremely important in [the early-to-mid 1900s] so women would spritz their hairbrushes with perfume to carry their scent with every swish of their locks.”

6. No moisturizer? No problem, use Vaseline!

Back in the day, ladies turned to Vaseline instead of choosing from the hundreds of moisturizer choices we have these days. How simple and amazing. Vaseline can do anything (probably).

7. Baby powder is magic
Though this tip is technically old-school, many of us have probably hit up baby powder before. We are so lucky to have dry shampoo options in our lives now but if you are ever in a pinch, baby powder works just the same. Sprinkle it all up in there and don’t forget to rub it all in.

8. Using mint leaves for those dark circles under your eyes

According to The Daily Mail, actresses Rita Hayworth and Sophia Loren crushed mint leaves and pressed them up against the area under their eyes so they looked extra awake. Sounds delicious!

9. Ice water toner

If you’re out of toner, you can just splash your face with some good ‘ole water. Joan Crawford swore by this trick.

10. Petroleum jelly primer
Petroleum jelly was used as an eye shadow primer before we had actual beauty options, but whatever works for you is a great idea. I started using eye lid primer a couple of years ago and it has changed my eye makeup life.

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