Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid’s stylist thinks that vintage ’90s is our “Old Hollywood” and, honestly, we agree

We’ve been eyeing Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner’s style lately. There has always been a very ’90s model vibe about them both, and now we’ve discovered why this is so.

Hadid and Jenner’s hair stylist Jen Atkin completely summed up both women’s vibes when she wrote, “vintage ’90s is the new Old Hollywood.

A thousand percent YES. Atkin might have just being silly when she captioned this ‘gram of Jenner with a deep side part, but we seriously think the ’90s truly is the ~new~ Old Hollywood.

Atkin has been styling both women with very ’90s inspired tresses lately.

Not too different than Uma Thurman in the classic ’90s flick Pulp Fiction.


Besides their hair, both Jenner and Hadid have the whole vibe down. Check out these tiny sunglasses.


Look familiar? Tiny sunglasses are to the ’90s what giant round oversized glasses are to 2005.


Literally, everything about Hadid just screams that she was born in the ’80s, therefore old enough to slay in the ’90s.

How does one channel this new vintage vibe? We’d suggest tiny sunglasses, bobby pins, a deep and messy part or a lob with the ends curled under. Just add a little ’90s into your modern day wardrobe and you’re already looking like a time traveling model-off-duty.

So yeah, we’d fully agree that the ’90s truly is Gen Z’s version of “Old Hollywood.”

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