We have news about Vine’s actual end date — and it is fast approaching

This is not a drill — Twitter has announced Vine’s actual end date and, if you just can’t get enough of those six-second video loops, we regret to tell you that it’s rapidly approaching. The little app that couldn’t will officially close shop on January 17th, so get busy making Vine vids while you still can.

If you’re super distraught about the death of Vine, DON’T PANIC. It’s not actually going away entirely — it’ll turn into “Vine Camera,” a new app that sounds pretty identical to Vine.

The only catch is you need Twitter to use it, but surely it’s worth jumping through some hoops if you’re dedicated to the art of six-second video creation. false

But what about all your beloved videos? Again, no need to fret!

The kind folks at Vine have provided a handy FAQ that contains instructions about how to download your favorite vids before the app’s death date.

They’ll also be available for as long as the site remains archived, so your favorite six-second memories will remain intact.

It’s the end of an era — a six-second era. Luckily we can watch our memories on a loop for the rest of eternity.

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