Turns out Vine will live to see another day — as solely a Twitter camera

If you were devastated by the demise of Vine, we’ve got good — no, GREAT — news. The Twitter and Vine teams just announced that Vine will become a camera app for Twitter in January. While we were busy mourning the loss of the six-second looping video app in October, Twitter had a plan to keep Vine alive — at least in some capacity.

The app will be called Vine Camera and you will still be able to create six-second looping videos through it. Through the app, you can then either upload the videos to Twitter or just save them on your phone.

Although it’s not exactly the Vine you knew and loved, we like to interpret this announcement as an early Christmas gift.

Some additional news that Vine and Twitter had was that you can download your Vines off of the site for safekeeping. This can be done through the app or the website. All of your videos will still exist on vine.co, but if you have Vines you couldn’t imagine disappearing, this is a good backup measure. false

Also, since Vine is (was) owned by Twitter and it’s now transitioning into a Twitter app, the company is making it easier for your Vine followers to become your Twitter followers with a “Follow on Twitter” function. They announced that update will be coming in the next few days.

So, all hope is not lost, Viners! Turns out, what Vine giveth, Twitter taketh away — and then giveth back … or something like that. And look out for the new Vine-inspired app come 2017.

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