17-year-old Vincent Zhou just made Olympic history with a “quad lutz”

As we reach the one-week mark of the 2018 Olympics, there’s a lot to reflect back on. We’ve seen some truly amazing feats and incredible moments. 17-year-old Red Gerard won the first Olympic medal for the U.S. in snowboard slopestyle. Later, 17-year-old Chloe Kim became the youngest woman to win Olympic snowboarding gold. And on Thursday, February 15th, 17-year-old figure skater Vincent Zhou cleanly landed the first quadruple lutz at the Olympics.

What exactly is a quad lutz? Aside from ridiculously impressive? Good question. The incredible figure skating feat requires the skater to launch off the back outside edge of one blade, complete four (!) rotations, and land on the outside of their other foot. It’s currently the most difficult move in figure skating that’s recognized as achievable. And Vincent Zhou totally nailed it like it was NBD.

Vincent Zhou is the youngest member of Team USA. He skated to “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol and impressed everyone in the arena, from the fans to the judges to the commentators. “A quad lutz has never been landed cleanly at an Olympic games, and that’s his opening element: quad lutz, triple toe,” commentator Tara Lipinski told viewers. And just seconds later: “Whoa, there it was, clean!”

Watch Vincent Zhou cleanly land the first quad lutz at the Olympics — and follow it up with a triple toe loop.

Vincent Zhou received a score of 84.53 — a season-best. He’ll head into the free skate competition in the top three.

We’re thrilled that Vincent is getting his moment to shine!

The 17-year-olds are absolutely dominating the Winter Games, and the future of Team USA is looking bright!

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