9 Vincent van Gogh items we desperately need to soothe our artsy souls

July 29th marks the anniversary of Vincent van Gogh’s death. He was a prominent painter within the post-Impressionism movement, alongside other notable artists such as Gauguin and Cézanne. A struggling artist who sold one painting during his lifetime, van Gogh obtained fame only after his death. His iconic oil paintings live on in Amsterdam, Paris, and other remarkable cities as art revelers contemplate the madness of life, death, and the cosmos in “Starry Night,” or transport themselves to the dreamy cobblestone streets of Arles, France in “Café Terrace at Night.”

To commemorate a life both exquisite and tumultuous, below are some must-have van Gogh items from Etsy that we desperately need to soothe our artsy souls.

1Van Gogh Brooch Pin, $9.90


To pin on our lapels as we explore the displays at the Musée d’Orsay.

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2Van Gogh Coaster Set, $21.80


To avoid the madness of beverage rings.

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3Van Gogh Tote Bag, $16.89


“I dream of painting and then I paint my dreams.”

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4“Starry Night” Floral Scented Candle, $19


To have on your nightstand while you write letters to your brother.

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5Vincat van Gogh Print, $20.29+


To combine your love for tortured artists and felines.

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6Van Gogh Sunflower Print Pillow, $37


To decorate your studio furniture in the South of France.

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7Van Gogh Sunflower Lavender Scented Soap, $5


“For the tortured artist who enjoys fluffy bubbles.”

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8Van “Gogh Away” Coffee Mug, $14


To start each morning as seamlessly as possible.

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9Van Gogh Quote Wall Print, $5


To inspire your next work of art.

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Gogh on, fill those Etsy shopping carts.

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