Put your eyes on this real-life Vincent van Gogh doppelganger

Most of us, at some point, have been told we remind someone of someone else, either a person they know in real life, someone they’ve just seen in passing, or if we’re lucky, even a celebrity. And according to How I Met Your Mother, everyone has a doppelganger. But, “Did you know you look exactly like this artist from the 1800s?” is probably not a question people get very often–that is, unless you’re Robert Reynolds.

Reynolds’ face went viral last April when someone creepily took a pic of him and his husband on the New York City subway and posted it to Reddit and Imgur. It was also posted to Twitter, with an unmistakable side-by-side shot of Reynolds next to the famed painter, accompanied by the caption, “bruh i swear i just seen vincent van gogh on the train.”

The post was liked and retweeted over 100,000 times each, with the original post on Imgur receiving over 2 million views. According to an interview Reynolds did for BuzzFeed this past weekend, he has been likened to Van Gogh countless times since he decided to grow a full beard back in 2010, but things got serious with the April 2015 viral tweet.

But instead of just taking it in stride, Reynolds, who lives in Brooklyn with his husband, decided to really embrace his meme status by starting a web series called The Van Gogh Show. The show’s YouTube channel includes six short videos that hilariously depict Vincent van Gogh in modern times—with the titular character portrayed by Reynolds, of course.

And though the hype surrounding Reynolds’ likeness to Van Gogh has died down over the past year, he’s still being recognized for his Internet fame. Like last week, when someone followed him into Starbucks to ask him if he had any idea he was a meme.

We love viral Internet culture specifically for reasons like this, and we applaud Reynolds for embracing his inner 19th-century Impressionist painter—as long as he keeps both ears intact.

Check out the first episode of The Van Gogh Show below!